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Welcome to the official website of the Ondo State Co-operative Federation Limited. Ondo State Cooperative Federation Limited is the Apex body of all Cooperative Societies and Unions in Ondo State. The Organization was registered in 1976 immediately after the creation of Ondo State from the former Western State of Nigeria. It was later registered in 1991 in order that the scope of its operation could be expanded. It was then registered as NO 2070 of 30th December 1991. The Membership of the Organization Consist of 25,494 Cooperative Societies. The Organization is divided into six (6) Geographical Zones across the State. There is no Community in the State without at least three (3) types Cooperative Societies. It has seventeen (17) members of Board. Each of them haven been democratically elected from the six (6) zones and from some specific interest groups e.g. Workers Cooperatives.

Phone:Felix Braiye Williams - +234-70-66057920; +234-80-57314460; E. S. Adegboyegun - +234-70-63452935; +234-80-83081947

odscofed@ymail.com   ;




To improve grassroots productivity through cooperative synergies creation.



To coordinate the activities of the various 25,494 cooperative societies in Ondo state, so as to, effectively support training, credit access, projects funding, local and export market entry for products of members.

Ondo State Cooperation Federation Ltd is involved in the following activities through its societies:
(i) Fish: Breeding, (Production and Marketing)
(ii) Edible frog; (Production and Marketing)
(iii) Granite/Quarry: (Production and Marketing)
(iv) Hand made Textiles (e.g.) Aso-Oke- (Production and Marketing)
Tie and Dye (Production and Marketing)
Screen prints (Production and Marketing)
Batique (Production and Marketing)
(v) Hand made Beads (Production and Marketing)
(vi) Cocoa :(farming, processing and Export)
(vii) Cashew : (farming, processing and Export)
(viii) Palm Oil : (farming, processing and Marketing)
(ix) Palm kernel: (farming, processing and Export)
(x) Cocoa Cake, Butter, liquor (processing/marketing)
Thrift and Credit

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